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My favorite superhero is my mom!

There is no denying: Moms are superheroes. There is nothing they can't do. The woman that gave you the gift of life, comforted you as a baby, chased you as a toddler, baked cookies for you and your friends as a kid, worried about you as a teenager, listens to your worries as an adult, and so much more. If you want to describe everything moms do, you'll need a book that is thicker than a dictionary.

This Mother's Day is a little different. Even though we might not be able to go places this Sunday because of the corona pandemic, at Elegnano we think it is the perfect occasion to dress up (like you are going to the fanciest restaurant in town - because that is what every mom deserves).

This Mother's Day, we challenge all moms to dress up (and kids to convince their moms to dress up), put on some make-up, and a pair of heels*. Why?

1. Let's be honest, we've been wearing our comfy clothes a lot more lately as corona is keeping us in the house. Give your sweats and jeans a break and switch it up by putting on a cocktail dress.

2. The way you dress has an undeniable impact on how you feel. Dressing up and putting on elegant shoes can give your ego an instant boost. And we're sure your kids and partner will dig the new look too.

3. If you take a picture (or let your partner or kids take it for you) of you all dolled up as a mom superhero and share it on social media (Instagram or Facebook) tagging Elegnano and/or send it to us ( by May 11, 2020, we will send you a personalized 20% discount code that you can use between now and next Mother's Day.

Time to get into that nice dress and shine in front of the camera.

*Even if you can't walk very far in those heels - put them on - you should be served today anyway.

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