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Podcast Connexi - Three turning points

In the June episode of the entrepreneurial podcast of Connexi, Elegnano founder, Katrien Herdewyn, was asked to reflect on the 3 main pivotal moments in her 10 years as an entrepreneur.

I don't have a company with a mission. I have a mission with a company

The conversation went from finding confidence as a young entrepreneur in the early days, to the happenstance that landed Katrien in San Francisco with the Prince Albert Fund, and staying true to her values when the world seems to move in the other direction. The 1,5 hours podcast covers the pre-Elegnano era from 2012 all the way to today.

Thank you Bert Vandebuerie for the open and fun conversation!

Links to listen

Listen to the full podcast episode (only in Dutch) with all 3 of the turning points in my decade as an entrepreneur on your favorite channel:

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