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Elegnano x Dressr - Designer Fashion on a Budget

Have you always dreamed of a pair of elegant Elegnanos, but wondered if you would be able to walk in those stilettos? Or have you spend all your shopping budget for the month already, but really need a pair of beautiful designer shoes to match your outfit?

If you live in Belgium, we have the solution for you! Female entrepreneur Caroline Cecile Baeten just launched Dressr. It is a unique subscription-platform where you can rent fashion, so you can have a big closet on a small budget! And Elegnano is on Dressr. We made a selection of 3 designs which will be available in all available sizes via the Dressr platform. If you end up falling in love with your shoes, you can buy them. Otherwise, you send them back to Dressr and they'll erase signs of wear and tear as much as they can to make the shoes ready for the next renter.

At Elegnano, we are very happy with this collaboration. We believe the Western world is ready for the next step. Fast fashion is out, sustainability is in. Quality items often come with a higher price tag. By 'renting the runway' via Dressr, you can now wear quality items on the same budget as buying fast fashion. No more excuses!

These designs are available on Dressr:

Sign up for Dressr:


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