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Welcome to the Elegnano website This website includes a webshop for e-commerce. Through this medium, we sell online shoes under the brand ‘Elegnano’. The products and website belong to Elegnano BVBA. The official registered offices of Elegnano are at Olivierstraat 21, 3111 Wezemaal, Belgium, with VAT registration number BE 0566.976.183.

In the terms and conditions on this webpage, the user of the website, who wishes to buy Elegnano products, is often referred to as ‘the customer'. The terms and conditions described here govern all use of, including the products, reductions, and sales on this website. The visitor of this website and the customer that buys a product on it, agrees to be bound to these terms and conditions. Be aware that Elegnano updates the terms and conditions from time to time. Therefore we recommend the customer to read them carefully each time she/he visits and/or uses our website. Other terms and conditions are not accepted by Elegnano BV, unless we have a different agreement in writing with you.


Product information


At Elegnano we do our very best to provide you with accurate information and images of our products. Every product is provided with a description (color, size, materials, etc) and digital photographs at different angles. It is however possible, that the quality of the images and colors perceived may vary depending on the screen that is used by the customer. Therefore we cannot guarantee that what you see on your screen while visiting our website perfectly reflects all the characteristics of the real product.




To order a product from the Elegnano website, the customer has to select the product and specify color and size she/he wants to purchase. By clicking on ‘Add to shopping bag’, the chosen article is added to the shopping bag. At this point, the customer can still alter the articles in the ‘shopping bag’ or remove them. Please note that, since Elegnano does not work with an account, all items and information entered in the ‘shopping bag’ are lost when the user closes the web browser. If the customer wishes to go through with the purchase of the selected items in the ‘shopping bag’ and confirm the order, she/he should select the delivery and payment method of preference. The customer has to provide an address for delivery, please include all information correctly to make sure the order arrives at the correct address.


In the next steps, safe payment is guaranteed and explained explicitly by the internet payment partners of Elegnano. After submission of the order, the customer is redirected to a secure payment page on the Elegnano website where the payment is conducted. Upon successful payment, a confirmation will appear on the screen of the customer. She/he will also receive a confirmation of the order and payment via (the provided) e-mail.

The total amount due is always shown clearly throughout the billing process and payment procedure. Once the payment process is completed, the order is final and can no longer be changed. If you made a mistake, please contact our customer service immediately at


If you wish to pay through bank transfer, we are happy to offer you that service. Please send an e-mail to with details of the item you wish to purchase (name, color, and size), and we will provide you with the necessary information to make the payment via bank transfer.


After ordering the customer will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of the order. A second e-mail will be received by the customer when the order is sent. Please take into account, as soon as your order is transmitted to us, we are no longer able to change the delivery address.


In the unlikely event that your order is no longer available, our customer service will contact you immediately. You can opt for later delivery, change the order or get a full and immediate refund.


If it is indicated on the webshop that a product is out of stock, please send an e-mail to with the name of the wished item and size. We will send you an email as soon as the product is back in stock.


The data registered at Elegnano BV’s IT systems, including its hosting and internet payment partners, is the only rightful evidence of the provided customer information, the content of the orders and all transactions between Elegnano BV and its partners on one side and the customer on the other side, whatever different information or evidence the customer may have (in writing).


Products remain property of Elegnano BV until the customer has paid for the products in full.


If the customer validates an order form, this is considered equivalent to an electronic signature. This holds the same value between the customer and Elegnano BV as a written signature, therefore serving as evidence of completion of the order. In that case, the order will be carried out and the amount due may be claimed.


If you have questions regarding your order, please contact us at We try to help you as well as we can and as quickly as we can in Dutch, French, or English.




Pre-ordering means that the products are not available yet, but from the moment it is in stock, will be delivered to the address the customer provided. Pre-ordering is only available on a selection of products.

Pre-orders need to be paid in advance through a proposed payment method offered on the webshop. You will receive a confirmation via e-mail after pre-ordering and get a notification when your order is shipped. Pre-ordering procedures are very similar to the ordering procedure described above.

If you wish to pay through bank transfer, we are happy to offer you that service. Please send an e-mail to with details of the item you wish to purchase (name, color, and size), and we will provide you with the necessary information to make the payment via bank transfer.

If you have any questions regarding your pre-order, contact us at We will try to help you as well as we can and as soon as possible in Dutch, French or English.


Prices and Payment


All prices are in Euro and inclusive of VAT for Belgium and other countries in Europe. For countries out of Europe, VAT is excluded. For international orders, please contact our sales office at to get more specific information on delivery costs.

Prices may change (p.e. sales). The applicable price to the order of a customer is the price advertised on the website at the time the order was placed.


You can pay via the offered paying methods on the webshop or through bank transfer.

Please be aware that depending on your card issuer, especially for international transactions, there can be an extra charge. There are no extra fees for payments via Bancontact/Mistercash, Maestro, Credit Card or advance payments.


By ordering in the webshop of Elegnano, the customer agrees to Elegnano BV to send the invoice of the order electronically.


If you have any problems or questions, contact our customer service at or +1 510 778 6537. We will try to help you solve the issue (in Dutch, French, or English).


Editors & Photographers


We can provide shoes on loan to photographers, brands, editors, stylists, etc. without requiring purchase. Please contact us at and provide credentials for your service or work. When the shoes are requested and received for use in this way, the organization or person agrees automatically to the below terms. To avoid charges, the following requirements need to be met:

- The products need to be returned in the original packaging, undamaged (there is no/minimal signs of wear)

- The products need to be returned within 6 (six) months to our Headquarters in Belgium. Longer loans can be granted upon request.

- Any visual material (photos and videos) needs to be shared in high res with Elegnano at upon return of the shoes. Elegnano has the right to freely use the photos/videos but will agree with the needed copyright credits.


If the photographer, agency, service, museum, etc. fails to comply with any of the above requirements a fee may be charged ranging from the costs incurred to repair the damage to the shoes to the full retail price of the shoes. The organization or person will be notified and an invoice will be sent to the organization or person and payment terms apply as stated on the invoice.


This agreement is governed by Belgian law. The customer and user of the website and webshop accept the jurisdiction of the Leuven Courts. If a provision of these terms and conditions is invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.


By using the Elegnano website and webshop, the user agrees to accept the provisions of this privacy policy. Whenever you provide information to us via this website or the webshop, you agree that the information is gathered and used subject to this privacy policy.

Personal data that the customer provided and is obtained via this website, is processed by Elegnano BVBA, Olivierstraat 21, 3111 Wezemaal, Belgium.

Elegnano will only use this data to manage the service, after-sales service and to send you information. You can always review your data, correct it and refuse to allow us to use your data to send you information. This can be done by sending a request in writing to the address above or an e-mail to

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