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Featured Guest on Podcast about the Concept of 'Time'

Elegnano founder, Katrien Herdewyn, is featured in the podcast series 'Gratitude for Time' by San Francisco Bay Area author and entrepreneur Suresh Eswaran. The podcast compliments Eswaran's book with the same title: A Gratitude for Time

Katrien talks about her love for shoes and Elegnano, but the biggest part of the 50-minute conversation dives into the subject of time, and how to value it and relate to it.

"As an entrepreneur, my perception of time has drastically changed over the past ten years. Once upon a time, my life was very structured, as is the case for many people until their mid twenties. When I started with Elegnano, it was no longer possible to plan ahead in the same way. For the first time, there was an unlimited amount of work that needed to fit into a limited amount of time. Later on, working with different cultures in different time zones has given it another dimension." says Katrien.

Listen to the full podcast here

Photo by Gert Huygaerts


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