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Interview ELLE Magazine: Elegnano founder becomes mentor for Google Digital Atelier Incubator

At the beginning of next year, a new incubator is launching in Belgium. Google Digital Atelier is a mentoring program aimed at women with innovative projects, this "digital workshop" - only partially in person, and completely 'smart' - will bring together sixty participants to invest in the future. The program kicks off on February 7th, 2023.

Elegnano founder, Katrien Herdewyn, is engaged to share her expertise and be a mentor for the startups selected for the incubator.

ELLE magazine interviewed Katrien together with 2 other mentors, Jasna Rokegem and Marie Julie Craeymeersch, and the founder of Impact Shakers, Yonca Braekman, on being a mentor for Google Digital Atelier.

Read the full article here (French only):

Photo by Gert Huygaert

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