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Love is in the air: 10 reasons why shoes are a great Valentine's gift.

Wherever you look, storefronts color red. From rose petals and hearts. It is Valentine's Day this week. While any relationship expert will tell you that one day a year of romance is not enough, a thoughtful gift on that day will probably be appreciated. And Valentine's Day is not just for lovers. In Japan, for example, anyone who means anything to you, gets a gift.

Here are ten reasons why shoes are the perfect Valentine's gift:

1. While a practical gift - everyone needs shoes - they are more romantic than a vacuum cleaner or a shaver.

2. It is very easy to figure out the shoesize of your significant other if you live under the same roof. Unless your partner is a professional shoe collector and has his/her own shoecloset, you probably even share the same shoe rack. (No snooping in the underwear drawer needed.)

3. But if you buy the wrong size, it is unlikely your loved one will feel offended (a little more sensitive with clothing or lingerie). Most shoebrands and stores have flexible return policies.

4. There is a minimal risk for a "I already have that"-mistake. There is simply no such thing as too many shoes.

5. Shoes are diet-proof. They still fit, no matter how effective his/her post-holiday diet is.

6. Planning a dinner date this Valentine's weekend? Shoes are a great way to solve the "what shoes should I wear tonight?" dilemma for your significant other. And he/she will be sure you like the shoes.

7. A nice pair of shoes will last. So your lover will still enjoy your Valentine's gift several months or even years from now. Not like that bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates you gave three years ago.

8. Whenever he/she leaves the house wearing the shoes you gifted, you are a little bit going with him/her. How romantic is that!

9. Whenever your significant other lets his/her head down, he/she will see those shoes and instantly feel happy again thinking of you.

10. How sexy is a man with a good pair of dress shoes, or a woman with an elegant pair of boots or heels? That way, shoes for your significant other are also - kind of - a gift to yourself.

Give an Elegnano gift card or a pair of shoes this year. There are designs for men and women! If you order Valentine's week (February 10, 2020 - February 16, 2020), you get a pair of socks (size 39-45) for free.

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