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Meeting Royalty

On May 29, 2024, Elegnano founder, Katrien Herdewyn, was invited to the Royal Palace in Belgium by His Majesty King Philippe for a round table together with 6 other members of Belgium's 40 under 40 community.

Seated next to the King of the Belgians, Katrien participated in an enriching conversation about talent, leadership, the vision for Belgium, personal stories, and, Belgium's 40 under 40 initiative. The emphasis was on the importance of diversity, sustainability collective leadership, and purpose in driving societal progress and innovation in Belgium.

Apart from the work that we do at Elegnano to create a more sustainable and innovative fashion industry, Elegnano's founder also dedicates time to support initiatives to increase diversity and inclusion in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and entrepreneurship. Despite working internationally since the inception of Elegnano, and traveling for long periods of time, for example, to Italy for production, and to the USA, for innovation tech, Katrien has always felt a very close connection with Belgium, where she was born and raised. As the headquarters of the EU and a hotspot for art & culture, as well as science, with the most innovative university in Europe, KULeuven, located in Belgium, the country can play an exemplary role in strengthening Europe's future. Being invited to the Royal Palace to discuss this potential as well as the upcoming celebration of 200 years of Belgium in 2030 with His Majesty the King, is truly a unique honor.

We want to thank Belgium's 40 under 40 for fostering these incredible opportunities for Elegnano's founder, Katrien Herdewyn.

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