High Tech in High Heels

The Elegnano women's collection has a variety of designs: ballerina flats, low heels, high heels, and stiletto heels. The shoes are elegant and comfortable. Soft leather is combined with a comfortable last and shape. No need to break them in...

Elegnano shoes are not only designer shoes, they go a step further. It is the classic shoe reengineered. We pay attention to the stability of the heel - it looks like a stiletto but it doesn't feel like one. The leather is treated with nanotechnology to make the shoes easier to maintain.


Each design has a different cut. Depending on your feet, ankles and gait, one model will work better for you than another. Don't hesitate to reach out for advice on what deisgn from our collection would work best for you.


Shoes Make The Man

After five years on the market for women, Elegnano finally produced its first capsule collection for men. It is a collection of classics: a laced booth and monk, in brown and black.

The same level of attention was paid to comfort and design. The retro-chic design matches different styles. The last, toe box and material selection all contribute to the comfort and elegance of the shoe.