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At Elegnano®, we bridge the gap between elegant products and technology. Since 2016, we have been helping other companies in different industries across the world to do the same. Our focus is on innovative fashion and technology. We have collaborated on projects in the fashion, tech, healthcare, construction, and food industry. We specialize in startups but have worked with SMEs and multinationals as well.

We work with our customers to come to the right formula for the challenge they are trying to tackle:​

  • Technology Consulting: For fashion and design companies that are looking to challenge the status quo of their industry and want to integrate innovative technologies into their products, we help with identifying the best implementation strategy to bring the idea to life. 

  • Startup Consulting: Do you want to start your own company in fashion or footwear, but have no idea where to start? Did you already start your own company, but are struggling with getting to that next stage - figuring out production, your go-to-market strategy, going international, getting featured in media/press, etc.? We have an accessible consulting service for you that helps you take the first or next step.

  • Webinar or Presentation: Do you want to inspire your employees, nourishing their intrepreneurial spirit? Do you want to organize a (business) event and are looking for speakers? Elegnano® founder, Katrien Herdewyn, has given more than 100 talks, including for TEDx, Deloitte, General Electric, BNP Paribas, the Belgian & American Chamber of Commerce, etc. on topics like women in tech, (female) entrepreneurship, sustainability in the fashion industry, doing business in the USA... No standard cookie-cutter presentation, but tailored to your specific needs and audience. 

  • Brand Development and Communications: It is not always easy to pitch, market, and sell a technical product to a non- or less technical audience. We can help you distill your message. Whether it is for a pitch presentation, sales deck, website copy, press release, or social media, at Elegnano® we can help you get to the point you want to make elegantly.

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