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Has the pandemic changed the way you dress?

After one year of the pandemic and lockdowns, we are slowly preparing for life after all this. When we can go wherever we want, whenever we want to. Such a happy thought... But what are you going to wear??

With most of us working from home, there is an undeniable decline in the need for formal (office) attire. Suits and tailored shirts are out, sweatpants and pajamas are in. Video conferencing made dressing from the waist up a thing. Even jeans - pre-pandemic considered pretty casual - have been replaced. More than a third (37%) of respondents in a recent study say they prefer to wear athletic pants (like yoga pants or leggings) over denim jeans. However, it's not going to be like that forever.

Having a reason to dress up (other than going to the grocery store) is all we really need to put on an elegant outfit and ditto shoes. Tons of research has proven the impact of what you wear on yourself and the people around you. Did you know that wearing a formal outfit leads to higher abstract thinking? Or that research shows that colorful shoes radiate confidence? And athletes wearing red can lift more weight than when they are wearing blue.

(c) Photo by Gert Huygaerts

At Elegnano, the combination of science and fashion is our DNA. So we decided to help you and your wardrobe prepare for life after the pandemic with a fun virtual workshop! We will talk about the effect of clothing and color on yourself and others, but also get to the real work and find out how you can use simple math formulas to figure out what neckline works best for you or what the perfect length for a cardigan is for you.

With a closet full of nice clothes you probably haven't worn much over the past months or even a year, now is a good time to have a look and make the most out of it. In two online sessions of 1.5 hours, we shed light on the science of dressing well (not necessarily dressing up!). For now, the course is only available for women's fashion.

Get your calculators ready (the one on your phone will do) and join us for the most fun math exercises ever! Dates for the month of May 2021 are now available. Learn more about the content of the course and reserve your spot here:

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