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Meeting Royalty

On May 16, Elegnano founder, Katrien Herdewyn, had the honor to give the keynote speech at the ceremony of the Prince Albert Fund in the presence of Her Royal Highness (HRH) Princess Astrid of Belgium. The Princess listened attentively to the presentation on Elegnano, Katrien's leadership journey, and how a grant like the Prince Albert Fund can have a big and beneficial impact on one's career and life.

In 2019, Katrien was in the audience herself as a laureate. After receiving the fund in 2017, Katrien embarked on a journey to the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States of America. This was the start of Elegnano's strong business relationships with the US.

It was a true honor for Katrien to take the stage only 4 years later to inspire the current graduation year for their future. And with royalty in the audience. Afterward, HRH Princess Astrid invited Katrien for a personal informal conversation with her. It was a very heartfelt meeting (hence the smiles!). She asked lots of questions and spoke words of appreciation and encouragement. The Chair and Managing Director of the Belgian Federal Trade Commission (VBO-FEB) joined the conversation later on as well.

After meeting His Royal Highness King Philippe of Belgium in 2016, it was again a delightful experience to present for, meet, and speak with a member of the Belgian Royal Family.

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