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New Payment Method Klarna Now Available

85% of you replied yes to the question: Have you ever hesitated to buy shoes or clothes online because you weren't sure about the size or fit? At Elegnano, we know that it is not always easy to buy online. That is why we are constantly looking for new innovative ways to make shopping in our online store more convenient. We recently implemented two new tools for our customers in Belgium:

  1. You can find a selection of Elegnano stilettos on Dressr. This new Belgian platform allows you to rent our products instead of buying them. So if you aren't sure about the size, fit, or whether or not stilettos is a thing for you, you can now 'try them before you buy them' via Dressr. Learn more about it in this blogpost.

  2. We added Klarna. Pay Later. as a payment method to our online store. By choosing this payment method at checkout, you get 21 days to pay for your items. Just like the name says: Pay Later. This is a trusted payment method, used by many brands. What does that mean? Your own home becomes your personal shoe store. Imagine you are not sure about the size that you need. You can add multiple sizes to your cart and place your order. At that point, you don't pay anything. We sent all those sizes to you free of charge, so you can try them at home to figure out which size works best for you. Within 14 days, you let us know which size you'd like to keep, and send us back (again free of charge) what didn't fit. You only pay for the items that you kept. If you pay within 21 days after placing your order, there are no additional fees applicable.

Check the websites of Dressr or Klarna for more information. Or reach out to us for more information.


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